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Lubi Solar is the solar division of leading Lubi Group of Industries. Headquartered in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Lubi Solar founded at 2012 and in just six years’ time company has developed a fully automatic 150MW solar module manufacturing line across 30,000 square feet area.

Lubi Solar provides turnkey solar PV project development solutions starting right from designing, development, construction & maintenance of on-grid solar systems.

Lubi primarily deals in solar panels & pumps as well as solar rooftop systems. Lubi well known for his high efficiency solar PV panels, which is made by high efficient cells procured from globally renowned suppliers. Company Manufactures both solar panel such as mono crystalline and polycrystalline solar PV panels.

Lubi Solar Panel Review:

Polycrystalline solar PV Panel:

1: 260 W-275 W (60 cells) and 310 W – 330 W (72 cells) variants 2: High PID and severe weather resistance. 3: Low light performance 4: High efficiency, and Durability 5: 25 years of linear performance warranty.

Monocrystalline solar PV Panel:

1: 290 W – 310 W (60 cells) and 350 W – 370 W (72 cells) variants. 2: High PID resistance 3: High efficiency and durability 4: Higher Efficiency up to 18.57% using PERC technology.