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Alleghany High School Wind Project110608
Appalachian State University Beech Mountain 230100001
Appalachian State University Wind Project (Beech Mountain)103109
Appanoose Elementary School Wind Project108442
Auburn-Washburn Wind Project30120012
Avery County High School Wind Project110607
Bancroft-Rosalie Public Schools Wind Project108812
Begich Middle School Wind Project109328
Bloomfield Public Schools Wind Project110699
Burlington High School Wind Project107678
CAES Wind Project105329
CAES Wind Project 2120072
CUSD3 Fulton County100071
Cedar Rapids Wind Project105272
Central High School Wind Project120430
Cherry Valley Elementary School Wind Project120342
Clover Hill High School Wind Project121057
Concordia High School Wind Project108482
Crawford Public Schools Wind Project109822
Creighton Public Schools Wind Project110358
Dakota Valley Wind Project107550
Dilcon Community School Inc Wind Project120429
Diller-Odell High School Wind Project105282
Elkhorn Valley Public Schools Wind Project105707
Elkton Schools District Wind Project105957
Elmwood CUSD100070
Eudora High School Wind Project110802
Ferndale High School Wind Project109065
First Flight110752
Flagler Public School Wind Project107675
Flinthills Tech College Wind Project120255
Florence High School Wind Project120507
Gilpin County School Wind Project106374
Grand Ridge Elementary Wind Project107212
Grassfield High School Wind Project120104
Greenbush Kansas Wind Project104173
Hastings Public Schools Wind Project120039
Hayes Center Public Schools Wind Project105283
Henley Middle School Wind Project121062
Hope Street Academy Wind Project108853
Hot Springs Elementary School107793
Hyannis Wind Project110475
Illini Central CUSD110703
Illini Central CUSD 189 Wind Project110703
JP Knapp110878
James Buchanan High School Wind Turbine120014
Jefferson West High School Wind Project110799
Jerome Middle School Wind Project105199
Juneau School District Wind Project105605
KDOT Grainfield Wind Project101029
KDOT Osborne Wind Project105071
Kansas State University Wind Project101193
Kimball Public Schools Wind Project120268
Kit Carson Wind Project101255
Kodiak Island Borough School District105610
Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School Wind Project111239
Leupp Schools Inc Wind Project 1120307
Leupp Schools Inc Wind Project 2120308
Leupp Schools Inc Wind Project 3120309
Lewistown High Schools Wind Project108598
Little Singer Community School Wind Project120412
Logan View Public Schools Wind Project109774
Loup City High School Wind Project101374
Lumpkin County High School110746
Luray High School Wind Project109825
Madison High School107090
Madison Middle School107313
McKenna Charter School Wind Project108874
Memorial Middle School Wind Project108222
Meridian Public Schools Wind Project120079
Mesa County Valley Wind Project120413
Miller Schools Wind Project109537
Montana State University Wind Project105113
Mount Nittany Elementary School Wind Turbine30120043
Mt. Edgecumbe High School Wind Project105611
Mullen High School Wind Project109757
N.A.T.I.V.E. District Kayenta Wind Project 130120078
N.A.T.I.V.E. District Kayenta Wind Project 230120077
N.A.T.I.V.E. District Kayenta Wind Project 330120079
NACET Wind Project 1104564
NACET Wind Project 2104557
NREL Wind Project102616
NWTC Campus Wind Project10101193
Nederland High School Wind Project110750
Norfolk Public Schools Wind Project120063
Norris Public Schools Wind Project109308
North Habersham Middle School110748
North Wilkes Middle and High School Wind Project110757
Northern Arizona University ARD Wind Project110584
Northern Arizona University SHRM Wind Project121022
Northumberland Schools Wind Project108640
Northwestern High School Wind Project120337
Nueces Electric Cooperative121023
Orme School Wind Project120985
Oshkosh Public Schools Wind Project100181
Papillion-LaVista South High School Wind Project108639
Park County RE2 Wind Project110683
Penn State HyRES Laboratory Wind Turbine109725
Pleasanton Public Schools Wind Project109846
Pocatello Community Charter School Wind Project106739
Ponderosa High School Wind Project109112
Pretty Prairie High School Wind Project106934
Rankin CSD 9830120057
Ridgeview High School120441
Rigby East Wind Project108885
Rigby West Wind Project108877
STAR School Wind Project 1120259
STAR School Wind Project 2120289
STAR School Wind Project 3120288
Santa Fe Trail High School Wind Project103778
Shawnee Mission West Wind Project106738
Shelley High School Wind Project107718
Sherrod Elementary Wind Project106980
Skyline High School Wind Project103853
Smoky Valley Wind Project108828
Southeast Community College Wind Project109612
Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School108191
Spotsylvania Career and Tech Center Wind Project106316
St. Michael Indian School Wind Project110764
Stratton Middle and High School Wind Project107674
Superior Public Schools Wind Project110801
Thomas Harrison Middle School Wind Project120341
Thomas Middle School Wind Project108780
Townsend School District Wind Project108855
UAA Mat-Su College101339
USD 307 Ell-Saline Wind Project107270
USD 345 Seaman High School Wind Project110497
USD 373 Walton Rural Life Wind Project101169
USD 375 Circle High School Wind Project109853
USD 376 Sterling High School Wind Project101053
USD 384 Blue Valley Wind Project106747
USD 393 Solomon High School Wind Project109555
USD 403 Wind Project30120019
USD 440 Halstead Schools Wind Project110808
Walsh High School Wind Project107676
Watauga High School Wind Project110700
Wellington Middle School Wind Project107155
Wessington Springs Wind Project109535
West Holt Wind Project110457
Western Illinois University Wind Project120256
Williams Elementary and Middle School Wind Project110697
Yankton School District Wind Project101280