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Clean Energy Solutions LLC

John V. Anderson

Consulting Services

John assists companies plan for, and understand, their investments in the sustainable generation and use of energy:

• Clean Energy Technologies: Renewable energy, fuel cells, and energy efficiency

• Greenhouse gas management and planning

• Demand response and integrated resource planning

• Deliberative workshops and strategic planning

John’s clients have included companies in a wide variety of industries, including recent clients from the electric utility, food production, mining, and clean energy technology sectors (see Example Projects, below). He has worked on the technology, investment/finance, and marketing of virtually all aspects of clean energy.

Although John approaches problems from an analytic viewpoint, it is always with the knowledge that changing internal systems and establishing new cultural perspectives is typically more difficult than understanding the problems and formulating the technical solutions. Towards this end John also offers services in the design and delivery of deliberative workshops or charrettes.

Short Bio

John has a 30 year career in clean energy technology, financing and markets. In 1979 John joined SERI, the Solar Energy Research Institute, which eventually became NREL, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. As a researcher at SERI/NREL he published over 20 papers and articles on a wide range of renewable energy-related topics. As a manager, he carried out a wide variety of management assignments, including both line and program/project management.

John left NREL in 1999 to become the founding Managing Director of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, which was focused on making commercial-grade investments in the Clean Energy sector. Returning to Colorado, John set up practice as an independent consultant from 2001 to 2005, with a practice focused on assisting small energy technology companies to develop a strategic plan that would lead to a solid business case, and on institutions working on strategic planning in the clean energy field. During this period John was also the COO of H2ECOnomy, a PEM fuel cell company with international resources.

In 2005 John joined the Rocky Mountain Institute to manage the Energy and Resources Practice. He managed a team of researchers and consultants working in the fields of energy and sustainability, primarily for Fortune 500 firms and electric utilities.

Since August of 2007, John has been back in independent practice as Clean Energy Solutions LLC, consulting for some of the largest firms in the world on clean energy, energy management and sustainability issues.

Examples of recent projects

• Built a business plan for biodiesel production in western Africa for a large mining company.

• Performed due diligence studies for investors looking at advanced energy technology companies.

• Designed and facilitated a multi-day deliberative workshop to help utilities develop tools to overcome the split incentive barrier facing EE and DR measures in the commercial office space sector.

• Identified EE opportunities for a deep underground mine in the US as part of its GHG mitigation effort.

• Developed a status report on state-of-the-art geothermal technology for a large international firm looking for green power investments.

• Introduced and facilitated an investment by Angel investors into a startup clean energy technology firm.

• Consulted on technical and business feasibility for several firms investing in biomass and solar thermal generation plants.

• Assisted a prominent New England utility to develop strategic plans to meet dramatic new energy efficiency mandates. This involved both modeling the economic and achievable potential for efficiency penetration and the organizational development changes (e.g. in the corporate structure and culture) that will be required to achieve the new goals.

• Designed and facilitated a multi-day deliberative workshop on a major re-design of the multifamily housing EE programs for an electric utility.

• Designed and facilitated a deliberative workshop for FERC on why and how to develop a nation-wide training program on advanced lighting controls for electricians and contractors.

• Working with a prominent Southwestern land-use non-profit to develop a program to help environmental groups encourage the development of CSP plants in the desert Southwest.