From Open Energy Information

Step 1: Design your home, your way. Understand product cost. Register to log in, then Drag & Drop solar panel on your roof. Your home, your way. Complete Design in 2 mins. Manufacturers sell product direct, omitting the need to shop around. Receive 4 quotations instantly – different product combinations, with the best price and quality guaranteed.

Step 2: Receive Product and Installation Quotation - Separately. Review and evaluate 4 different product quotations right after completing your design. Pre-qualified installers will help you select the best product combination, as well as price. Transparent price, no hidden costs.

Step 3: Choose Best Installer, make your dream house GREEN. HahaSmart will work with your installer to apply for installation permit. Your installer will complete installation and get your system connected to the grid. HahaSmart’s online portal provides you with the tool to track all paperwork and work flow.

Step 4: Enjoy Savings. Share with friends. Tell your friends about the smart way you went solar. Enjoy the savings. Your friends will say, " Oh … … haha, you are smart".