From Open Energy Information

Spray foam insulation keeps homes warm and comfortable during winter seasons. Spray foam insulation is one of the most sought and used insulation materials today. A number of researches have proven that this type of insulation excellently bars air from coming in or out of the house or establishment thus making it comfortable and warm during the winter season. Spray foam insulation considerably improves the indoor climate of homes especially during harsh winter seasons.

Before, choosing an insulation company is very simple. All you have to do is place a bid and choose the company that offers the lowest price. Today, because there are already a number of insulating materials choosing a contractor has become much of a task. It is best that you choose the best company since not all spray on insulation contractors is equal. Spray foam is applied by the mixture of multiple chemicals at a high temperature. An inexperienced or careless spray on insulation contractor could spray on the foam too cold causing it to split and/or lose an air seal.

The fact that Spray foam insulation is in liquid form, allows it to take the space of the area where it’s applied and hardens over time. Because of this, crevices and even the minutest holes will be covered allowing air not to escape from inside the house which also signifies lower energy consumption. Spray foam insulation is slightly more expensive as compared to traditional insulation materials but homeowners as well as building owners will later realize the cost effectiveness of this product. It generally pays for itself in the form of lower electrical bills to be paid each month.