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BioEarth’s Projects Support the Kyoto Protocol and Millennium Development Goals. We are interested in forming Partnerships for development of our initiatives. They include: Environmental Sustainability, Combating Diseases, Pollution Remediation, Poverty Reduction thru Education and Employment, Women Empowerment and Gender Equality thru Equal Opportunity Employment, Eradicating Hunger with Increased Food Harvest aided by the use of our Organic BioChar Soil Amendments and Renewable Power Production to support the population and irrigation of fields.

BioEarth would like to work with the Federal and local Governments to initiate Public Private Partnerships to resolve the problems that plague Least Develop Countries and Small Island States. We have formed multiple alliances with experts and corporations from related fields. BioEarth’s staff has done months of research to prepare for this proposal so that we could be sure to provide a comprehensive solution. The projects we are outlining is a templates that can be scaled up or down and used at multiple locations throughout the World.

The following solutions fall within the scope of services BioEarth Inc. and it’s subsidiary companies (Like BioEarth Bangladesh LTD) is prepared to provide.

 Reconfigured Garbage Collection Systems by adding New Equipment and Training: Covered Bio Diesel Powered Garbage Collection Trucks, Roll-Off Container Trucks, Garbage Transfer Stations, Trash Collection Barges and Trash Dumpster Container Barges, Roll Off Containers, Covered Dumpsters & Street Cans, Riverside Dock Sanitation System, Education for the Public and Employees and a Compost Credit Reward Program to Inspire Participation.

 Commercial Composting Plants and Recycling Centers: 3000+ Tons Per Day Facility that will employ approximately 1500 men and women with Modern Automated Waste Separation Equipment and utilize the latest technologies. We will separate out compostable materials and Organic Material for Producing Mulch and High Grade Topsoil to Improve the Farmlands of the country and Produce More Food. Non Compostable’s can be sent to our Engineered Landfill or go onto Pyrolysis for decomposition into BioFuel, BioGas [Syn-Gas] and BioChar [Bio Soil Amendment].

 Engineered Landfill: We propose to include engineered landfills with each of our plants to accommodate the waste that is unacceptable for composting and/ or thermal conversion.

 CoGeneration Waste Plant: We will use a newly patented Thermal Conversion technology to Thermally Decompose 1400+ Tons of Waste Per Day including: MSW, Tires, Plastic, Polluted Dredge Spoils & MORE To Produce 50+ MW Electricity, Bio Fuel, Bio Char [Carbon sequestering Soil Amendment], Carbon Black, Activated Carbon and Potable Water. All from the city’s Urban Waste.

 Environmental Dredging, Dewatering & Pollution Remediation for Clean Rivers, Improved Navigability, More Sanitary Water and Tons of usable earth to Re-Claim land or Rebuild Riverbanks. Our Systems Separate the Polluted Silt from the Sand and Water for Sanitation

 Solar Powered Arsenic Removal Systems for rural areas and Water Purification Systems to Treat Effluent from Factories. We can Move this factory to Bangladesh and begin Global Export.

 Desalination Vessels to provide 250,000 to 1 Million Gallons Per Day. We are finalizing the design of our first Bio Powered / BioEarth H2O Vessel that will supply Mobile Infrastructure Support and Bagged Water for off grid supply and Natural Disaster Support throughout the entire region.

“BioEarth is prepared to commence operations on ANY or ALL of these Projects the day after financial commitments are in place. We will Deliver needed Supplies and Equipment AS Soon AS Possible and be Operational Within 6 months and strive to be Full Production within a YEAR.”

The BioEarth Clean Bangladesh Initiative Managed by: BioEarth Bangladesh LTD The BioEarth clean Bangladesh Initiative proposes to collect garbage from the country and convert it into electricity and viable products: in the form of renewable fuels/energy, carbon and compost to rejuvenate the soils and improve agriculture. Our main plant, proposed for Chittagong, will convert the Cities Garbage into Electricity. 3,000 Tons Per Day, 1.095 MILLION Tons Per Year into: 110,000 tons of Bio-Fuel and 39,000 tons Bio-Gas [Syn-Gas], yearly, that we will use to produce 50+ Mega Watts of Electricity. Other by products produced include 123,000 tons of Carbon [Bio Char & Carbon Black], and over 300,000 Tons of Hi Grade Bio-Compost. BioEarth is using the most advanced and unique system in the world to convert organic waste to fuel and valuable by-products while producing no air pollution or ash to be land filled.