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DLG Power Battery (Shanghai) Co., ltd was founded in October 2001. The company’s registered capital is 49.5 million RMB with an occupying area of 36,000 square meters. In April 2003, it formally began production. The main products are cylindrical li-ion batteries, li-polymer batteries and li-ion battery packs. The company and the products have passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, UL, CE and etc. For different market segments, we provide customers with complete OEM & ODM solutions, and we are determined to be the top solution provider in the market.

The company has around 1,200 employees with 30 people in the R&D center; among them there are 4 doctors and 15 masters. The core R&D staff has more than 10 years of experience in the battery industry. Every member of the company has the goal of “professional battery maker, sustained development and contributions to society”; with the business philosophy of “focus, innovation, pragmatic and cooperation”, we specialize in the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of lithium –ion battery and OEM/ODM service, and we are devoted to be the leader of power battery in the world.

Catalog: ICR:18650,18490,17670,17360,16340,14650,14500,14430. LFP:26650,18650,18490,14430,75122230,971222300,12122230. NCM:18650,18490,14500.

Applications: Portable devices: These include mobile phones and smartphones, laptops and tablets, digital cameras and camcorders, handheld game

consoles and torches.

Power tools: Li-ion batteries are used in tools such as cordless drills, sanders, saws and a variety of garden equipment including

whipper-snippers and hedge trimmers.

Electric vehicles: Because of their light weight Li-ion batteries are used for energy storage for many electric vehicles for

everything from electric cars to Pedelecs, from hybrid vehicles to advanced electric wheelchairs, from radio-controlled models and

model aircraft to the Mars Curiosity rover.

Advantages: Wide variety of shapes and sizes efficiently fitting the devices they power. Much lighter than other energy-equivalent secondary batteries. No memory effect. High battery safety. Low Battery Internal Impedance. High Capacity and Stable Discharge Voltage. Outstanding Discharge properties and Storage Capability. High open circuit voltage in comparison to aqueous batteries.

CAUTION: User should have enough knowledge on Li-ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging, and assembly before use. Put the batteries in fire-proof container. Never leave batteries unattended when charging. Do not put batteries on wood surface or carpet when charging. We are not responsible for damage if there is any modification of the batteries in form, shape, or made into packs. We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of theses Li-ion batteries.

Others: 12 months warranty OEM are welcome. The capacity according to your demand. We could assemble the battery cell according to your requirements.