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The University of Wisconsin Energy Institute is a metacenter of energy-related research on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The Energy Institute integrates energy-related activities across University of Wisconsin–Madison and promotes collaboration with government and industry leaders to comprehensively address the energy challenge.

Energy Institute History[edit]

The University of Wisconsin-Madison was among the first research universities to recognize the growing importance of energy. To support its energy research initiatives, UW-Madison initiated the Energy Systems and Policy cluster hire program in 2000. These and other UW-Madison faculty members have been the catalysts for interdisciplinary research activities and for keeping energy policy issues and educational opportunities at the forefront of strategic activities.

In summer 2005, a number of faculty members actively engaged in energy research began an informal discussion on how to better collaborate in educational and research activities, build synergy, and increase national recognition of UW-Madison energy research and expertise. This group, the UW Energy Institute, now includes more than 50 faculty and staff members from across the UW-Madison campus. An organizing committee from this larger group met with UW-Madison Chancellor John Wiley in Fall 2005, leading to official creation in 2006.

With centers of excellence that focus on understanding energy resources, energy conversion and storage technologies, energy sustainability and enabling technologies such as materials, UW-Madison now is a world leader in energy education and research. Each year, it ranks among the top university recipients of Department of Energy research funding.

Mission Statement[edit]

Energy is the vital force powering business, manufacturing, and the transportation of goods and services to serve the U.S. and world economies. Energy supply and demand has a vital role in our national security and our nation’s economic output. The Institute’s mission is to provide an objective forum for exchange of ideas on energy issues, and to focus, integrate and transfer knowledge to better understand challenges and identify needs in energy resources, technology and sustainability.

The UW Energy Institute is a metacenter that seeks to focus the many energy-related education, research and service activities on the UW-Madison campus. Its goal is to establish connections and collaborations at UW-Madison so that these centers of excellence can work together effectively and synergistically in research, education and service. Our vision is to enhance and maintain Wisconsin’s national leadership in identifying strategies for clean efficient energy as a vehicle for continued economic growth for the state and the nation. The UW Energy Institute’s objectives focus on integration and collaboration to:

  • Address key energy issues in the state, the nation and beyond;
  • Organize any educational opportunities in energy fields at UW-Madison;
  • Develop cross-disciplinary research among UW-Madison research centers;
  • Develop innovative energy outreach and service programs;
  • Seek national and international collaborations and cooperation.


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