University Park Community Solar LLC

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What is the University Park Community Solar LLC?[edit]

The University Park (UP) Community Solar LLC is a limited liability company of Maryland residents that have just developed a solar power generation site in our community.

This centralized solar generation site is intended to produce sufficient kilowatt hours (kWh) to replace a significant amount of electricity otherwise purchased from the local utility. Clean solar electricity would substitute for fossil-generated electricity and stabilize our electric rates.

How does the Solar LLC work?[edit]

Solar panels were installed on our host site, University Park Church of the Brethren , by an outside expert, Standard Solar, Inc. They would also maintain the panels. With the proceeds from purchases of membership interests, the LLC bought the panels and paid for the installation. The Church has begun to purchase the power produced by the solar panels from the LLC. The LLC will also sell its solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) earned from generating renewable energy.

Download our 2011 Annual Report Media:UPCS_2011_Annual_Report.pdf‎


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