United States Army Corp of Engineers (ERDC)

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Hydro | Hydrodynamic Testing Facilities
Name United States Army Corp of Engineers (ERDC)
Address Coastal & Hydraulics Laboratory, 3909 Halls Ferry Road
Place Vicksburg, Mississippi
Zip 39180
Sector Hydro
Phone number (601) 634-2288
Website http://chl.erdc.usace.army.mil
Coordinates 32.3019°, -90.8733° Show Map
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Testing Facilities Overseen L-Shaped Flume Wave Basin
Precision Flow Table
Sectional Model Flume Facilities
Coastal Inlet Model Facility
6-ft Wave Flume Facility
Breakwater Research Facility
2-ft Flume Facility
11-ft Wave Flume Facility
Flood Fighting Research Facility
Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors Model
3-ft Wave Flume Facility
1.5-ft Wave Flume Facility
Coastal Harbors Modeling Facility
5-ft Wave Flume Facility
Coastal Structures Modeling Complex
10-ft Wave Flume Facility