US Virgin Islands-Energy Development in Island Nations (EDIN) Pilot Project

From Open Energy Information

"As the pilot project for the EDIN initiative effort by the United States, the USVI is a US Territory selected for its interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy, its high energy prices, its close proximity to the mainland US, and its reasonable size and number of islands. The primary stakeholders NREL will be working with are the USVI government and the Water and Power Authority (WAPA), owner and operator of the USVI electrical system.

The purpose of the EDIN pilot is to have a meaningful impact in a short duration by developing clean energy technologies, policies, and financing mechanisms for the pilot island with projects whose elements can be repeated on other islands.

The goal of this effort is to provide a comprehensive technical assistance effort in the US Virgin Islands to move them toward an aggressive energy efficiency and renewable energy position. While USVI has not yet set specific goals to achieve this, the plan outlined below will help them achieve an aggressive energy stance to enable a high level of energy efficiency in their homes and businesses and a high penetration of renewable electricity in their existing grid structures on St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. Additionally, the support will address their energy use in the transportation sector through the use of renewable fuels and more efficient use options. The effort will focus on providing technical, economic, and policy assistance to increase the knowledge base on EERE technologies, reduce barriers, create enabling policies, support project development, and implement successful projects.The project lead for this work at NREL is Adam Warren."[1]


  1. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, EERE Supported International Activities FY 2009 Annual Operating Plan (August 25, 2009)