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Tool Overview

"The primary purpose of this website is to disseminate knowledge and expertise in developing the capacity of national and sub-national governments to formulate, finance, and implement low-emission, climate-resilient development strategies (LECRDS). UNDP's technical and finance services strengthen the capacity of developing countries to transform their path to a low-carbon future. UNDP assistance can ensure that developing countries have better access to financing for low-carbon development and that they can implement those projects effectively.

This site relies on three thematic windows to address stakeholder knowledge gaps: Formulating LECRDS, Financing LECRDS, and Implementing LECRDS.

The three-pronged approach to climate-sensitive growth in this web portal is intended to guide project developers, policy makers, and other stakeholders in designing effective development projects that meet low-carbon and climate-resilient criteria. UNDP support can help communities, governments, and project developers to implement development programs that are economically beneficial as well as environmentally sustainable."


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