U.S. DOE Tribal Energy Program

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U.S. DOE Tribal Energy Program is an organization based in Golden, CO.

The Tribal Energy Program, under the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, promotes tribal energy sufficiency, and fosters economic development and employment on tribal lands through the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.


The Tribal Energy Program's mission is to provide financial and technical assistance to tribes through government-to-government partnerships that:

  1. Empower tribal leaders to make informed decisions about energy choices
  2. Bring renewable energy and energy efficiency options to Indian Country
  3. Enhance human capacity through education and training
  4. Improve local tribal economies and the environment
  5. Make a difference in the quality of life of Native Americans.


The program employs a three-pronged approach to fulfilling its mission, providing tribes with:

  1. Financial assistance through a competitive process to develop tribal renewable energy resources and reduce energy consumption through efficiency and weatherization
  2. Technical assistance through DOE's prestigious laboratories
  3. Education and training through online short courses, student internships, and workshops to help build the knowledge and skills is essential to developing, implementing and sustaining energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


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