Tunisia-GTZ Promotion of EERE

From Open Energy Information

GTZ is working with Tunisia on the use of market-based instruments to promote EERE with the following objective: "Much greater use is made of regenerative energies and energy efficiency is increased. Energy saving approaches are used when consuming energy."


"The project provides organisational and technical advice to the National Agency for Energy Management of the Ministry for Industry, Energy and SMEs. Priority areas are the development and use of promotional instruments for renewable energy forms and energy efficiency. The project also advises other public institutions, private enterprises and other energy consumers, informing them about ways to use innovative energy technologies.

Training measures are given to companies working in the fields of energy and energy efficiency. Pilot projects demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of using renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency. In the scope of public-private partnerships, the project supports European and Tunisian enterprises with the transfer of sustainable energy technologies."

Results achieved so far

"In recent years the quality of services provided by the National Agency for Energy Management has improved. The establishment of a network of regional offices has also made it possible to decentralise these services. In February 2009, a legal framework for renewable energies and energy efficiency was approved, including a Renewable Energy Sources Act for electric power from renewable energy sources.

The project supported the transfer of sustainable energy technology and corresponding expertise between Tunisian and European enterprises and research centres. In post-basic training for renewable energy and energy efficiency, Tunisian engineering offices, installation companies, architects, and civil servants took part. With project help, a number of pilot projects were initiated, among them an energy-efficient office building and Tunisia’s first solar-thermal power plant.

The project is helping to reduce consumption of fossil energies, such as oil and natural gas, and is thus also reducing the energy costs sustained the government, private sector, and other power consumers. Economic activities are stimulated and new jobs created. Last but not least, the avoidance of polluting emissions is improving the air quality in Tunisia and contributing to global climate protection."

Further information can be accessed at the project website.


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