Transportation Assessment Toolkit/Ask an Expert

From Open Energy Information

The LEDS GP Transportation Sector Work Stream is creating a space for decision-makers and technical practitioners who visit this website to connect with global low-emissions transportation experts. If you are a published expert in providing guidance on emissions avoidance in any field related to the transportation sector (for example, climate-resilient development scenario modeling, low-emissions vehicles, alternative fuels, transport sector financing, public mass transit infrastructure, etc.) please consider offering your expertise to this community. In the future, this webpage will collect relevant technical questions from interested parties and the LEDS GP Transport Sector Work Stream member partners will analyze and relay those questions to those experts willing to provide assistance. The exchange of no-fee assistance will be shared via this webpage if appropriate. However, if the potential assistance requested through this toolkit webpage requires more research and work in order to address, the costs for that assistance may be covered.

Please submit your interest in involvement here Note: A member partner of the Work Stream will contact you directly after receiving your email.

The LEDS GP Transportation Sector Work Stream looks forward to providing a forum for no-fee technical expert assistance soon. Thank you for your interest!