Transport rule

From Open Energy Information

The EPA is proposing a "transport rule" that would protect neighboring states by forcing the reduction of emissions in 31 eastern states, including the District of Columbia. The rule would fall under a provision of the Clean Air Act called the "good neighbor" provision. Specifically targeted by the rule are sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). These are the key components to smog, sitting close to the surface, linked to ground-level ozone, and particularly hazardous to human health.

The Clean Air Act not only provides benefits to humans, but also to the natural environment. The proposed rule would greatly benefit the natural areas of the Appalachians, Adirondacks, and coastal areas on the east coast. Reducing emissions would improve the natural health of forests, rivers, and coastal estuaries while also improving aesthetic quality. National parks and forests would be that much more appreciated if visitors could regain distant views once possible prior to so much smog.