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General Transmission Documents

About Transmission

Electricity Transmission: A Primer
Overview of the grid system and the role of states in overseeing this system.

The Design, Construction, and Operation of Long-Distance High-Voltage Electricity Transmission Technologies
Provides an overview of high-voltage electric transmission systems, including in-depth discussion direct current, below-ground, and high-temperature superconductor lines. Includes sections on design features as mitigation and best management practices (construction/preconstruction)

Case Studies

Case studies that include description of project; planned and actual schedules; permitting challenges; and discussion/recommendations for mitigating permitting roadblocks.

Interstate Transmission

Coordinating Interstate Electric Transmission Siting: An Introduction to the Debate
This paper introduces the issues that are relevant to the ongoing debate about interstate transmission siting and related topics. Challenges as they relate to siting new interstate transmission lines are included as well as recent changes in federal policay that may affect State policy and regulation of transmission line siting. The paper also reviews state statutes and identifies statutes that may impede or enahance interstate transmission siting coordination; and offers recommendations for State-level action for working towards regional coordination.

Gridlock: A Policy Analysis of Siting and Coordination of Interstate Transmission Line Development in the Upper Midwest
Provides insight on transmission line siting and coordination across states in the midwest (including North and South Dakota), developing and evaluating policy recommendations to facilitate transmission planning in the region.

Interstate Strategies for Transmission Planning and Expansion
Provides the nation’s governors with timely recommendations on interstate transmission planning and expansion.

Renewable Energy and Transmission

Interstate Transmission Challenges for Renewable Energy: A Federalism Mismatch
Discusses challenges to siting new transmission infrastructure to facilitate the growth of renewable energy.

Renewable and Distributed Power in California Simplifying the Regulatory Maze — Making the Path for the Future
Energy policy essay looking at the traditional electric system regulator and utility institutional structures and discussing whether these are sufficient to support the transition to renewable and distributed power development (focusing on California). Essay includes authors recommended solutions for California: incremental and fundamental reforms.

Transmission Planning

EDTF Report
Recommendations developed by the EDTF on the type, quality, and source of data on land, wildlife, cultural, historical, archaeological, and water resources, exploring ways to transform that data into study cases to inform the 10-year transmission plan and integrate them into models.

The U.S. Electric Transmission Grid: Essential Infrastructure in need of Comprehensive Legislation
What works and what does not work with the draft Clean Renewable Energy and Economic Development Act 2009 and draft Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee staff bill.

America’s Power Plan: Siting – Finding a Home for Renewable Energy and Transmission
This paper describes how to overcome institutional and policy barriers to building new transmission, and provides recommendations to policymakers for planning and allocating costs to transmission upgrades.


New Energy Frontier: Balancing Energy Development on Federal Lands
A joint report to Congress on siting energy development projects on federal lands.

Renewable Energy Transmission Roadmap
A primer on how to succesfully navigate the permitting process for transmission projects.

America’s Power Plan: Siting – Finding a Home for Renewable Energy and Transmission
Report outlining the progress during the first two years following the establishment of Section 365 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

State Strategies for Accelerating Transmission Development for Renewable Energy
This document provides general background information about the National Transmission Grid and the challenges of expanding the Grid in the future. This paper also includes a discussion of State strategies that could be implemented to help boost transmission development which would ultimately help accelerate expansion of the Transmission Grid.

Transmission Siting and Permitting
This paper examines siting and permitting practices and ways to improve them including but not limited to: Examine government and industry practices to siting and permitting; Identifies key or frequent problems with these practices; and Identifies policy options that should be considered to resolve these problems.

America’s Power Plan: Siting – Finding a Home for Renewable Energy and Transmission
This paper focuses on institutional innovations that can help modernize America’s grid – by making changes to the way developers site and permit clean power generation and transmission infrastructure.

State-Specific Siting/Permitting

California - Establishing Transmission Project Review Streamlining Directives
Directives established to ensure that each Division within the CPUC conducts procedures under its control and related to transmission facility siting and permitting in the most efficient and coordinated manner possible and to encourage coordination in project review among the CPUC, project applicants, and other state and federal agencies.

Colorado - Report of the Task Force on Statewide Transmission Siting and Permitting
Pursuant to SB 11-045, the Task Force examined the advantage and disadvantages of a statewide transmission siting and permitting framwork for electric transmission facilities, and provides recommendations for improvement.

Wyoming - Guide to Permitting Electric Transmission Lines in Wyoming
Overview of state siting and permitting requirements in Wyoming (includes federal and local permitting process as well)