Training In Industrial Uses Of Geothermal Energy

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Journal Article: Training In Industrial Uses Of Geothermal Energy

Specialized training in industrial uses of geothermal energy is available in Iceland. The Geothermal Training Programme of the United Nations University (UNU) has operated in Iceland since 1979 with six months' annual courses for professionals in either Geological Exploration, Borehole Geology, Geophysical Exploration, Borehole Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Chemistry of Thermal Fluids, Geothermal Utilization, or Drilling Technology. The trademark of the training is to give university graduates with some practical experience in geothermal work, intensive on-the-job training in their specialization. Industrial applications of geothermal resources is one of the options open to participants in the Geothermal Utilization course. Participants selecting this option have mainly been trained in drying processes and how to adapt the design of conventional steam or hot water/air drying systems to the specific characteristics of the geothermal fluids. One participant studied food drying using low-temperature geothermal energy, and two dealt with heat exchanger selection for geothermal applications and the merits of the combined use of geothermal resources for electricity production and industrial utilization. Of other options directly relevant to industrial applications can be mentioned the selection, installation, and operation of downhole pumps in geothermal wells, the prediction of calcite scaling, and materials selection.

Ingvar Birgir Fridleifsson

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Geothermics, Date Not Provided



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