Trace Element Analysis At Roosevelt Hot Springs Area (Christensen, Et Al., 1983)

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Exploration Activity: Trace Element Analysis At Roosevelt Hot Springs Area (Christensen, Et Al., 1983)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Roosevelt Hot Springs Area
Exploration Technique Trace Element Analysis
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Three of the recognized trace-element suites are characteristic of the surface and near-surface environment. These are: (1) concentrations of As, Sb, Be and Hg associated with siliceous material at the location of liquid discharge, fluid mixing, or at boiling interfaces; (2) deposits of Mn and Fe oxides containing concentrations of Ba, W, Be, Co, Cu, As, Sb and Hg formed by the oxidation of cooled brines; and (3) high concentrations of Hg within surficial materials, especially in the vicinity of fumaroles. Continuing to greater depths within the system are concentrations of Hg along with As and Li near fluid channels and of Hg alone in a more diffuse halo within rocks outside of the 200degrees C isotherm. Two other suites at depth within the system are: (4) concentrations of As in sulfides and Li in silicate alteration minerals in the vicinity of high-temperature fluid conduits; and (5) deposits of calcium carbonate where flashing of brine to steam due to pressure release has occurred.


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