Toward Low Carbon and Climate Change Resilient Territories

From Open Energy Information


"Climate change is today an undeniable reality, and the developing countries which have contributed the least to green house gas emissions will be the most vulnerable to its impacts. The 2007/2008 UNDP Human Development Report indicates that regions will be unevenly affected by the impacts of climate change, and the poorest populations will bear the brunt of its consequences. There is little time left to act before climate change undermines efforts made in the past years to achieve the MDGs. A substantial change in our actions’ logic is necessary in order to transfer technological and financial resources capable of successfully addressing the climate challenge, notably in the least developed countries. It calls for the creation of a global partnership combining ambitious long term policies at each decision-making level and an improved use of innovative financial mechanisms."


  1.  "Toward Low Carbon and Climate Change Resilient Territories"