Thermal Studies As A Technique In Subsurface Structural Investigations

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Journal Article: Thermal Studies As A Technique In Subsurface Structural Investigations

Thermal studies can be used to reveal the peculiarities of the geological structure of oil- and gas-bearing regions. The studies conducted make it possible to get valuable information concerning the subsurface structure. These studies help to find buried uplifts. On the basis of thermal studies for the first time in geological practice, a proposition was made about the subsurface occurrence (under marine conditions) of a gas-mud volcano, with subsequent tracing of its localization. The drilling conducted later confirmed the presence of the volcano and the previously suggested site of its localization. Forecasting of the buried mud volcanoes and tracing of the volcanoes themselves are essential indications of the occurrence of oil- and gas-bearing suites at depth, this being the indirect means in prospecting for new gas and oil reservoirs. Also, the study of thermal subsurface fields helps to determine the conditions of distribution of oil and gas reservoirs, which is of practical importance in field prospecting and development. In some cases thermal studies can be applied to the search for deep-penetrating and heat-conducting fractures, etc. Geothermal investigations present a valid means in subsurface studies. They help to explain regional geological peculiarities and are useful in the practical application of local raw material.

S. T. Ovnatanov and G. P. Tamrazyan

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1970



S. T. Ovnatanov,G. P. Tamrazyan. 1970. Thermal Studies As A Technique In Subsurface Structural Investigations. Geothermics. (!) .