Thermal Gradient Holes At Lake City Hot Springs Area (Warpinski, Et Al., 2004)

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Exploration Activity: Thermal Gradient Holes At Lake City Hot Springs Area (Warpinski, Et Al., 2004)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Lake City Hot Springs Area
Exploration Technique Thermal Gradient Holes
Activity Date
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

The Lake City site, which is located in far northeastern California, consists of a previously identified geothermal site that has been explored with both geophysics and drilling (Hedel, 1981), but has not been characterized adequately to allow accurate siting or drilling of production wells. Some deep wells, several seismic lines, limited gravity surveys, and geochemical and geological studies have suggested that the geothermal system is fault dominated and the optimal targets are expected to be within individual fault zones. The focus of Lake City Geothermal's current effort is on enhancing the site interpretation by re-evaluating the existing seismic data, conducting a detailed gravity survey, drilling several shallow temperature gradient wells, flow testing one or more of the existing deep wells, performing additional geochemical analyses, and overall re-interpreting and re-assessing the data to build a more complete conceptual model from which to select an optimal site for a new confirmation well into the fault zone. This work is currently nearing completion and permitting of potential well sites has begun.


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