The Status Of Isotope Hydrology Today

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Journal Article: The Status Of Isotope Hydrology Today

The present status of isotope hydrology is reviewed with the accent on techniques which are most frequently used, or the potential of which is perhaps, as yet, not fully utilised. Applications are grouped under two headings: (1) applications of intentionally introduced tracers and nucleonic instruments: and (2) applications of environmental isotope techniques. Under the first classification are included the use of tracers in flow gauging, sediment transport as bedload and in suspension, measurement of flow and its direction in boreholes and the use of artificial tritium for the estimation of recharge. The topics included within the group of environmental isotope techniques are recharge and "dating" of groundwater, elevation of recharge area, runoff studies, arid zone hydrology, interaction of surface water with groundwater, leakage between aquifers, mechanisms of salinization, role of environmental isotope techniques in the assessment of geothermal resources and the hydrology of waste disposal sites. With regard to the future the author points to the need for a more quantitative approach to the interpretation and presentation of results and broadening the range of "dating" capability.

Bryan R. Payne

Published Journal 
Journal of Hydrology, 1988



Bryan R. Payne. 1988. The Status Of Isotope Hydrology Today. Journal of Hydrology. (!) .