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The Hydro Research Foundation in partnership with the Department of Energy has funded a vibrant Fellowship program that awards research grants to masters and doctoral students working in conventional and pumped storage hydro. This research collectively represents 43 separate research projects aiming to improve technology, knowledge, environment and engineering understanding. As part of this work, the Hydro Research Foundation is making the research available through Open EI for public use.

Surabhi Karambelkar - media:Hydro Research Foundation Final Report Aug-For Circulation.pdf Hydropower Operations in the Colorado River Basin: Institutional Analysis of Opportunities and Constraints
Megan Kenworthy - media:Kenworthy Final Findings.pdf Maximizing the habitat restoration potential of controlled releases at hydropower dams; Understanding impacts of hydrograph form on sediment transport
Mitch Clement - media:MitchClement_Thesis.pdf A Methodology for Assessing the Value of Integrating Hydropower and Wind Generation
Ann Marie Larquier - media:AnnMarieLarquier_Thesis.pdf Differing Contributions Of Heavily And Moderately Glaciated Basins To Water Resources Of The Eklutna Basin, Alaska
Justin Hannon - media:JustinHannon_Thesis.pdf Image Based Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling To Simulate Fluid Flow Around A Moving Fish
Michael George - media:MichaelGeorge_Thesis.pdf Block Theory Application to Scour Assessment of Unlined Rock Spillways
Katherine Weidner - media:KatherineWeidner_Thesis.pdf Evaluation of the Jet Test Method for determining the erosional properties of Cohesive Soils; A Numerical Approach
Andre Dozier - media:AndreDozier_Thesis.pdf Integrated Water And Power Modeling Framework For Renewable Energy Integration
Marina Kopytkovskiy - media:MarinaKopytkovskiy_Thesis.pdf A Study Of Climate Change Impacts Of The Upper Colorado River Basin On Water Resources and Hydropower Production
Brian Campbell - media:BrianCampbell_Thesis.pdf Identification Of Spatal And Topographical Metrics For Micro Hydropower Applications In Irrigation Infrastructure
Ilker Telci - media:IlkerTelci_Thesis.pdf Optimal Water Quality Management In Surface Water Systems And Energy Recovery In Water Distribution Networks
Sam Dyas - media:SamDyas_Thesis.pdf Condition Health Monitoring And Its Application To Cavitation Detection/Characterization Within Hydropower Turbines
Matt McDonald - media:MatthewMcDonald_Thesis.pdf Climate Change Impacts On Reservoir Operations In The Columbia River Basin
Mark Cecchini-Beaver - media:MarkBeaver_Thesis.pdf Transboundary Columbia River Operational Alternative Analysis In A Collaborative Framework
Marc Whitehead - media:MarcWhitehead_Thesis.pdf Design and Manufacturing Study of Hydroelectric Turbines Using Recycled and Natural Fiber Composites
Yushi Wang - media:YushiWang_Thesis.pdf Development Of A Numerical Tool To Predict Hydrodynamics, Temperature And TDG In Hydropower Flows
Sean Brosig - media:SeanBrosig_Thesis.pdf A Methodology to Reduce the Strain on Hydro Turbines Using Advanced Life Extending Control of Multiple Energy Storage Systems.
Adam Greenhall - media:AdamGreenhall_Thesis.pdf Wind Scenarios for Stochastic Energy Scheduling
Mark Raleigh - media:MarkRaleigh_Thesis.pdf Quantification of uncertainties in snow accumulation, snowmelt, and snow disappearance dates
Garrett Monson - media:GarrettMonson_Thesis.pdf Study Of Mass Transfer Across Hydrofoils For Use In Aerating Turbines
Ben Foster - media:BenjaminFoster_Thesis.pdf Managing Water Supply Related Financial Risk In Hydropower Production With Index-Based Financial Instruments
Sue Nee Tan - media:SueNeeTan_Thesis.pdf A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach to Balancing Wind Intermittency with Hydropower
Jon Lamontagne - media:JonLamontagne_Thesis.pdf HRF Real-Time Forecasting and Hydropower Optimization
Pavlo Rudenko - media:PavloRudenko_Thesis.pdf Surface-Reconditioning Additives Based on Solid Inorganic Nanoparticles for Environment-Friendly Industrial Lubricating Compositions
Stanley Dittrick - media:StanDittrick_Thesis.pdf Iron Bulk Amorphous Alloy Coating For Reduced Wear Damage Of Turbine Surfaces
Jordan Kern - media:JordanKern_Thesis.pdf Dynamic Hydrologic Economic Modeling Of Tradeoffs In Hydroelectric Systems
Kathryn Plymesser - Media:KathrynPlymesser_Thesis.pdf Modeling Fish Passage And Energy Expenditure For American Shad In A Steeppass Fishway Using a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model
John Petrie - Media:PetrieJohn_Thesis.pdf Combining fixed- and moving-vessel acoustic Doppler current profiler measurements for improved characterization of the mean flow in a natural river
Kelcey Lajoie - Media:KelceyLajoie_Thesis.pdf An Advanced Study of Wind Power Variability on the Federal Columbia River Power System.
Adam Witt - Media:AdamWitt_Thesis.pdf Analytical And Numerical Investigation Of An Air Entraining Hydraulic Jump
Hosein Foroutan - Media:HoseinForoutan_Thesis.pdf Simulation, Analysis, and Mitigation of Vortex Rope Formation in the Draft Tube of Hydraulic Turbines
Kevin Mulligan - Media:KevinMulligan_Thesis.pdf An Analysis of Partial-Depth, Floating, Impermeable Guidance Structures for Downstream Fish Passage at Hydroelectric Facilities
Karen Studarus - Media:KarenStudarus_Thesis.pdf Understanding Operational Flexibility in the Federal Columbia River Power System
Minal Parekh - Media:MinalParekh_Thesis.pdf Internal Erosion Monitored by Spatial-Temporal Pore Pressure Changes During Full-Scale Field Experiments
Mark Christian - Media:MarkChristian_Thesis.pdf Development and Operation of the Flow Measurement Accuracy Assessment Tool
Heidi Smith - Media:HeidiSmith_Thesis.pdf Improving on Hydropower Mitigation Success by Refining Predictions of Grain Motion
Eliot Meyer - Media:EliotMeyer_Thesis.pdf Financial Risk From Changing Lake Levels For Hydropower Producers On The Great Lakes
Keith Martin - Media:KeithMartin_Thesis.pdf Analysis of the Effects of Pre-whirl on the Efficiency and Operating Range of Hydro Pumps used in Pumped Storage Facilities
Mohammad Haji - Media:MohammadHaji_Thesis.pdf Euler-Euler Large Eddy Simulation Of Two-Phase Dilute Bubbly Flows With Mass Transfer Across Phases
Daniel Leonard - Media:DanielLeonard_Thesis.pdf Computation And Analysis Of Cavitating Flow In Francis-Class Hydraulic Turbines
Lisa Mae Dilley - Media:LisaMaeDilley_Thesis.pdf The Economic Feasibility of Pumped Storage Hydropower
Kimberly L. Ogren - Media:KimberlyOgren_Thesis.pdf Water Governance Process Assessment: Evaluating the Link between Decision Making Processes and Outcomes in the Columbia River Basin
Andrew Hamann - Media:AndrewHamann_Thesis.pdf Coordinated Predictive Control of a Hydropower Cascade
Ryan Morrison - Media:RyanMorrison_Thesis.pdf Managing Complex Water Resource Systems for Ecological Integrity:Evaluating Tradeo↵s and Uncertainty Tresha Melong - Media:TreshaMelong_Thesis.pdf Evaluation of Bar Rack Designs to Allow for the Downstream Passage of Silver American Eels at Hydropower Facilities Chris Schleicher - Media:ChrisSchleicher_Thesis.pdf Hydraulic Design and Optimization of a Modular Pump-turbine Runner
Daniel Lee - Media:DanielLee_Thesis.pdf Water Start Up Time Model Validation Test
Sami Khan - Media:SamiKhan_Thesis.pdf Hydrophobicity of Rare-earth Oxide Ceramics and their Application in Promoting Sustained Dropwise Condensation and Corrosion and Fouling Mitigation in Hydropower Systems
Timothy DeWeese - Media:TimothyDeWeese_Thesis.pdf Monitoring Streambed Scour/Deposition Using Non-Sinusoidal Water Temperature Signals and During Flood Events
Matthew Erdman - Media:MatthewErdman_Thesis.pdf Modifications To The Runner Blade To Improve Off-Design Efficiencies of Hydraulic Turbines
Alford Walker - Media:AlfordWalker_Thesis.pdf Mapping Lake Sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens spawning habitat in the Upper 1 Tennessee River using side scan sonar
Jesse Thornburg - Media:JesseThornburg_Thesis.pdf Modeling Smart Microgrids for the Developing World with Probabilistic Supply and Demand Inputs
Thomas Gualtieri - Media:ThomasGualtieri_Thesis.pdf Direct Laser Deposition of Porous Structures and Gradient Metal-Ceramic Composite Coatings
Michelle Hummel - Media:MichelleHummel_Thesis.pdf Restoring Flow Regimes after Dam Construction and Operation: Evidence from Dynamic Systems Theory
Kelly Kozdras - Media:KellyKozdras_Thesis.pdf Modeling & Analysis of Small Hydroelectric Generation and Battery Energy Storage Connected as a Microgrid
Michael Starrett - Media:Mike_Starrett_Thesis.pdf Development and Experimental Hardware Validation of Novel Variable Speed Hydropower Control Schemes for Emerging Applications and Water Resource Paradigms
Joseph Rand - Media:JosephRand_Thesis.pdf Environmental, Economic, and Social Trade-Offs of Hydropower Relicensing: A Case Study of the Yuba River Development Project
Seth Gregg - Media:SethGregg_Thesis.pdf Feature Selection and Adaptive Threshold For Automated Cavitation Detection in Hydroturbines
Amelia Shaw - Media:AmeliaShaw_Thesis.pdf Determination of Optimal Operating Schemes for a Multi-Reservoir System Under Environmental Constraints
Elliott Jackson - Media:ElliottJackson_Thesis.pdf Experimentation of Synchronous and Variable Speed Small Scale Hydropower Systems
Jory Hecht - Media:JoryHecht_Thesis.pdf Decision Trees for Incorporating the likelihood of Excessive Hydrologic Alteration into Hydropower-Ecosystem Tradeoffs
Zahra Anwar - Media:ZahraAnwar_Thesis.pdf Effect of substrate roughness, slope, and body size on climbing behavior and performance of juvenile American eels (Anguilla rostrata)
Bianca Viggiano - Media:BiancaViggiano_Thesis.pdf Reduced Order Description of Experimental Two-Phase Pipe Flows: Characterization of Flow Structures and Dynamics via Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Claire F. Belveridge - Media:ClaireBelveridge_Thesis.pdf Reconstruction of Sediment Supply and Transport Behind The Elwha River Dams
Kevin Kircher - Media:KevinKircher_Thesis.pdf Pumped Hydroelectric Storage Balances a Solar Microgrid