The Future We Want

From Open Energy Information

Last November, the Secretary-General and Rio+20 Secretary- General Sha Zukang announced a new campaign to promote the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development this June in Rio de Janeiro.

The campaign is “The Future We Want.” Its purpose is to engage people around the world in an exercise to envision how societies in all parts of the world can build a future that promotes prosperity, equity and improves people’s quality of life within the Earth’s life support systems.

As the Secretary-General said when he launched the campaign:

We need to imagine a different future. What would our world look like if everyone had access to the food they need, to an education, and to the energy that is required to develop? What would our communities look like if we created a vibrant, job-rich, green economy? This is the future we want.

The result of the campaign will be an exhibit at Rio+20 in which some of the world’s most talented visual artists will depict what sustainable communities around the world might look like 20 years from now. The exhibit will utilize the power of today’s advanced communications technologies to give life to the scientific and policy documents that tell us about our challenges and our opportunities in the years ahead.

But first, we are gathering the aspirations and visions of the world’s people. Their contributions to the campaign will be the basis for the visualizations we exhibit at Rio+20.