The Brawley 10 MWe Power Plant, Unit 1

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Journal Article: The Brawley 10 MWe Power Plant, Unit 1

Southern California Edison Company's Brawley Geothermal Electric Project is the first flash-steam project in the United States to successfully demonstrate the feasibility of utilizing steam from highly saline geothermal fluids for electric power generation.The objective of Edison's Power Plant Unit 1 program at Brawley, California is to assess the technical feasibility of generating electricity from steam produced from highly saline geothermal fluids. The Edison plant is designed specifically for utilization of geothermal steam, and it employs principles found in conventional fossil-fueled electric generating plants. The design is simple and reliable. Where possible, the plant has been designed for low capital cost. The plant serves as a model of a full scale commercial plant, using systems and components which likely will be utilized in large scale follow-on units.

Raymond Cedillo and Roger N. Yamasaki

Published Journal 
Geothermal Resources Council, TRANSACTIONS, 1981

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Raymond Cedillo,Roger N. Yamasaki. 1981. The Brawley 10 MWe Power Plant, Unit 1. Geothermal Resources Council, TRANSACTIONS. .