Ternion Bio Industries

From Open Energy Information

Ternion Bio Industries, Inc.’s (“Ternion”) patent-pending technology captures greenhouse gas emissions and recycles these emissions using solar energy into useful algae-based products. Ternion’s “Photo Bioreactor” systems both enable CO2 emitters (e.g., power producers, refineries and manufacturing facilities) to lower their greenhouse gas emissions and thereby comply with emerging regulations and emissions-reduction incentives, and turn emissions into “food” for a wide variety of algal strains which then can be converted into products such as biofuels, nutraceuticals, animal feed, bio-chemicals, industrial lubricants and solvents, fertilizers, plastics and more.

Our Photo Bioreactors overcome the biggest challenges facing existing algae-based approaches to carbon sequestering: scalability and control. The Photo Bioreactor system is designed to scale vertically as well as horizontally, allowing much higher-density algae production on a compact footprint. And because the Photo Bioreactor is a closed-loop, self-contained system, it is not vulnerable to inclement weather or contamination (from pollution, rogue algae species or wind-borne contaminants).

Ternion goes beyond simply sequestering, or storing, carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions. Ternion effectively recycles these emissions to grow useful algae. This approach is unique compared to mainstream approaches such as burying emissions underground or on ocean floors. Ternion can grow essentially any strain of algae in our Photo Bioreactors, providing tremendous flexibility in the “output” markets we serve.


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