Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

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The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency aims to preserve, conserve, manage, protect, and enhance the fish and wildlife of the state and their habitats for the use, benefit, and enjoyment of the citizens of Tennessee and its visitors. The TWRA fosters the safe use of the state's waters through programs of law enforcement, education, and access. The TWRA has four regional offices located to serve the western, middle, plateau, and eastern portion of the state. TWRA employs a variety of staff to serve a variety of needs:

  • Wildlife officers educate boaters and hunters as well as enforce the hunting, fishing, and boating laws;
  • Biologists and foresters manage the state's diversity of woods, waters and wildlife.
  • Specialists conduct wildlife and aquatic education workshops, protect the state's vital wetlands, monitor water quality, and preserve the state's wildlife species;
  • Engineers construct boat ramps and docks for the boating and fishing public;
  • Other professionals create accurate, updated maps of TWRA-managed properties through computer imaging systems; and
  • Others sell hunting, fishing, and additional special wildlife recreational licenses, and maintain records of the state's increasing number of registered boats.


Fish and Wildlife Environmentalist