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|Overseeing Organization=
|Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type=
|Water Type=	
|Cost[per day]=
|Special Physical Features=
|Towing Capabilities=
|Maximum Velocity(m/s)=
|Maximum Velocity with Constriction(m/s)=
|Length of Effective Tow(m)=
|Wavemaking Capabilities=
|Maximum Wave Height(m)=
|Maximum Wave Height(m) at Wave Period(s)=
|Maximum Wave Length(m)=
|Wave Period Range(s)=
|Current Velocity Range(m/s)=
|Programmable Wavemaking=
|Wavemaking Description=
|Wave Direction=
|Simulated Beach=
|Description of Beach=
|Pressure Range(Psi)=
|Wind Capabilities=
|Wind Velocity Range(m/s)=
|Other Characteristics=
|Number of channels=
|Number of Color Cameras=
|Number of B&W Cameras=
|Description of Camera Types=
|Available Sensors=
|Data Comparison to Computational Models=
|Integrated Display/Graphics=
|Other Data Capabilites=
|Utility Services Available=
|On-Site fabrication capability/equipment=
|Past Pertinent Test Experience=
|Special Characteristics=
|Types of Co-located facilities=
|Specializations, Capabilities, and Key Facility Attributes Not Covered Elsewhere=

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