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This is the ReferenceMaterial template. To define a new ReferenceMaterial, please use the Reference Material Form.

  • Name - The name or title of the reference material
  • Publication_date - The year the reference material was published
  • Publisher - The publisher of the reference material
  • Authors - Comma delimited list of people who authored the reference material
  • Document_type - The type of reference material (allowable values include: Journal article, Book, Report, etc.)
  • Document_number - The reference material document number or DOI (optional)
  • DOI - The Digital Object Identifier of the reference material (optional)
  • URL - A direct link to the reference material, if available (optional)
  • Abstract - The publisher approved abstract from the reference material (optional)

It should be called in the following format:


For an example of this template in use, please see the list of existing Reference Materials: Category:Reference Materials