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Currently, the RAPID Toolkit does not have state-specific content for this state’s rules and regulations for hydroelectric power development. However, state agencies, generally, play a lead role in a number of permitting and review processes. State agencies often authorize Section 401 Water Quality Certifications (33 U.S.C. § 1251 et seq.), issue permits for stormwater discharges (33 U.S.C § 1342) pursuant to the Clean Water Act, and perform state environmental reviews. These agencies also regulate state land access, state highway access, water access and water rights, and lake encroachments and implement state-specific requirements protecting wetlands, floodplains, and groundwater. In addition, states may require a certification from a state public utility regulatory authority. States may require a certification for transmission line extension projects, net-metered facilities, or the sale of retail electricity to ensure the project promotes the general good of the state.

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