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This is the PrintFullVersionButton template. It is intended for inclusion on any page where the printing of a superset of pages is prefered. The superset of pages is assembled on a wiki page of its own, typically by embedding other pages. This is a complex process requiring advanced wiki development techniques. If you are considering the use of this template, please contact your local wiki developer or read up on embedding pages here and check out the Small Wind Guidebook for an example of this in use.

This template will create a button matching the PrintPDF button style, which will direct the user to the assembled page. This template assumes the existence of an pre-assembled content page, and the PrintPDFButton widget and template.

  1. page - The name of the page featuring aggregated content, or on which the "full version" resides.
    • Defaults to the name of the current page + "/Full Version".
  2. cover - The name of the page to be used as a cover page for the aggregated content. (optional)
    • If page does not exist, no cover will be generated.



It should be called in the following format:

{{PrintFullVersionButton|page=Small Wind Guidebook/Full Version}}


This template will produce the effect which has been added to the upper right of this page.

Print Full Version

Edit the page to see the template text.