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This is the Organization template. It is designed for use by organization and company pages. To define an 'organization page, please use this form.

Used For
  • Company
  • Financial Organization
  • Government Agency
  • Networking Organization
  • Oil & Gas (Companies & Boards)
  • Policy Organization
  • Research Institution
  • Utility Company
  • Organization properties table and sidebar
  • LinkedIn and Crunchbase modules
  • NREL Partnership table
  • EIA-861 Data table for Utilities
  • Divisions for Government Agencies
  • Utility specific variables (used for rates)
  • MHK Technology Database conditional content
  • none

It should be invoked using the Organization form.

Trying to add your organization? Add it on the Organization form instead of editing this page.


For an example of this template in use, please see one of the existing organization pages.

Edit the page to see the template code and learn how the Sample page was constructed.