Template:NEPA Impact Embedded

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This is the 'NEPA_Impact_Embedded' template to format the results of an #ask query that access the NEPA_Doc, NEPAImpact subobject.

NOTE: because this formats a single record at a time, it is assumed the
tags have been defined.
Expected Parameters
  • 1 - NEPA_Resources - area of concern, for example: Wetlands, Wilderness, Culture
  • 2 - NEPA_Resource_Analysis - for example: "Not Present", "Present but Not Affected", "Present and Potentially Affected", "Present and Affected"
  • 3 - NEPA_Resource_Comment - any additional comments
  • 4 - NEPA_Resource_Applicant_Mitigation - explanation of the possible risk
  • 5 - NEPA_Resource_Imposed_Mitigation - mitigation plan for the risk