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This is the 'NEPA_Doc' template. To present NEPA documents related to Geothermal Resource Areas, please use the NEPA Document Form.

Descriptive Text sections
  • ProposedAction - Description of proposed action triggering NEPA. (If possible, copy and paste this section from the NEPA document) (string)
  • ApprovalConditions - List of required approval conditions (If possible, copy and paste this section from the NEPA document) (string)
  • CompletionNotes - Notes on what further research needs to be done for the NEPA form (string)
  • NEPA_Application - For Example: Exploration NOI, Drilling Permit Applications, Sundry Notices. (files)
  • NEPA_ApplicationAttachments - For example: Cover letters, Plan of Operations, Maps. (files)
  • NEPA_SerialRegisterPage - Related Serial Register Pages from BLM's LR2000 (http://www.blm.gov/lr2000/). (files)
  • NEPA_OtherDocuments - Other documents (biological assessment, etc.) (files)
  • NEPA_CU_Document - Typically Casual Use Documentation consists of a letter or an e-mail. (files)
  • NEPA_DNA_Worksheet - DNA Worksheet files (files)
  • NEPA_CategoricalExclusion - Files documenting Categorical Exclusion Environmental Review and Approval. (files)
  • NEPA_EA_EIS_Report - EA/EIS Reports (files)
  • NEPA_FONSI - FONSI (files)
  • NEPA_Decision - Decision (files)
  • NEPA_Extraordinary_Url - Optional URL references for extraordinary circumstances checklist or documentation. (comma separated if more than one)
  • NEPA_Application_Url - Optional URL references for All NOIs. Drilling permits are also appropriate.(comma separated if more than one)
  • NEPA_Decision_Url - Optional URL references to Decisions (comma separated if more than one)
  • NEPA_FONSI_Url - Optional URL references to FONSI (comma separated if more than one)
  • NEPA_EA_EIS_Report_Url - Optional URL references to EA/EIS Reports(comma separated if more than one)
  • NEPA_Url - Optional URL references (comma separated if more than one)

Side-Bar Properties

General NEPA Document Information

  • EnergyTechnology - Energy Sector (e.g. Geothermal, Solar, Wind) (page: Category:Electricity_Generating_Technologies)
  • EnvironmentalAnalysisType - Type of environmental analysis conducted to meet NEPA requirements (eg Categorical Exclusion, Environmental Assessment) (eg Environmental Assessment) (page)
  • NEPA_Name - The name of the NEPA document - typically only exists for EAs/EISs
  • Applicant - Organizations whose named on the proposed activity application (Partner)
  • Consultant - Consultant hired to prepare NEPA documents (if applicable) (string)
  • State - The state(s) for the activity
  • GeothermalArea - Geothermal Resource Area (page)
  • GeothermalDevelopmentPhases - The phase of plant construction, as defined by GEA (can have more than one phase if more than one project) (page)
  • ExplorationTechnique - Techniques employed in the effort (this seems like the page category should already exist, but I can't find it). (page)
  • Comments - Additional information on the effort (sring)

Time Frames (days)

Participating Agencies (page)

  • LeadAgency - Agency responsible for NEPA compliance (page)
  • ManagingDistrictOffice - Name of the lead agency managing district office (State Office for BLM, Field Office for USFS) (page)
  • ManagingFieldOffice - Name of the lead agency managing office (District Office for BLM, Field Office for USFS) (page)
  • FundingAgency - Federal organization(s) that is providing the funding (that may cause NEPA trigger) (Partner)
  • SurfaceManager - organization(s) that is managing surface development activity (Partner)
  • MineralManager - organization(s) that is managing mineral utilization (Partner)

Selected Dates (date)

  • PreApplicationMeetingDate - Date of the meeting to prepare to submit the application (date)
  • ApplicationDate - Date the first application was submitted (date)
  • ApplicationDocumentType - Type of application submitted (e.g. GDP, NOI, Sundry Notice, etc.) (page)
  • EISFederalRegisterDate - Date NOI to prepare EIS was published in the Federal Register (date)
  • RevisedApplicationDate - Date application is re-submitted (if applicable) (date)
  • NEPAScheduleComments - Comments on application timeline, e.g. contracting delays, fire season delays, change of plans, delayed application from lease date. (string)
  • ScopingInitiatedDate - Date public notified of scoping period (date)
  • PreliminaryEA-EISDate - Date the Preliminary EA or Draft EIS is issued for public review (date)
  • FinalEA-EISDate - Date that the Final Document is issued (date)
  • DecisionDocumentDate - Date the decision document (Decision for CU, CX, DNA; Record of Decision for EIS; Decision Record/Memo for EA) is issued (date)
  • LeadAgencyDocNumber - Case record number for the environmental document (text)
  • FundingAgencyDocNumber - Funding agency environmental document number (text)
  • FundingNumber - Funding agency-issued funding number (text)
  • SerialNumber - Number issued by lead agency e.g.for ROWs, Unitizations, Utilization, and Exploration NOIs (text)
  • LeaseNumbers - BLM geothermal lease number(s) (page)
  • CXReference - Reference to the policy authorizing the categorical exclusion (page)
  • TieredDoc - Link to the most recent NEPA Document that authorizes the proposed activity under a reduced analysis (page)


It should be called in the following format:


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