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This is the NEPAImpact template. It is used to display NEPA impacts within a NEPA Doc page. To create a NEPA Doc, please use the NEPA Doc Form.

  • NEPA_Resources - area of concern, for example: Wetlands, Wilderness, Culture
  • NEPA_Resource_Analysis - for example: "Not Present", "Present but Not Affected", "Present and Potentially Affected", "Present and Affected"
  • NEPA_Resource_Comment - any additional comments
  • NEPA_Resource_Applicant_Mitigation - explanation of the possible risk
  • NEPA_Resource_Imposed_Mitigation - mitigation plan for the risk


This template is embedded in the NEPA Doc Form and should only be invoked by pages using it.


For an example of this template in use, please see one of the NEPA Doc pages.