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This is the MapFile template. It is used to format File pages that contain geographic maps.

  • filename - The name of file, this should match the pagename the template is used on,
    • for example: Page File:Map.png should have filename=Map.png
  • title - The title of the map, or a breif description if the title is not known
  • description - A detailed description of the map, including any assumptions or specific datasets used in its creation
  • source - The organization or agency responsible for the creation of the map
  • authors - The map's author(s); multiple names should be separated by a semi-colon.
  • technologies - (optional) A semi-colon delimited list of technologies reflected in the map. For example: solar; solar PV; smart grid
  • creation_date - (optional) The date on which the map was created
  • extent - (optional) The geographic extent of the map, for example: international
  • countries - (optional) A semi-colon delimited list of countries featured in the map
  • states - (optional) A semi-colon delimited list of states featured in the map
  • regions - (optional) A semi-colon delimited list of regions featured in the map, for example: Central Nevada Seismic Zone
  • Coordinates - (optional) The latitude and longitude of the center of the map


It should be called in the following format:



For an example of this template in use, see one of these pages.