Template:MRE Technology Device

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This is the MRE Technology Device template. It is used to generate MR Technology Project pages in the PRIMRE Technology Database

  • Name - Set by default to the wiki base page name
  • Description - Description of the device
  • Organization - The primary organization associated with the device
  • Resource - The MRE resource type
  • TechnologyType - The MRE technology type
  • WaterColumn - Where in the water column this device is located.
  • PowerTakeOff
  • SurfaceExpression
  • EstTrl - Estimated Technology Readiness Level (1 - 9)
  • RatedPower
  • MaxRatedPowerKW - The max rated power, in kilowatts.

A number of important properties are set automatically from the page name. This template should only be used in connection with the MRE Technology Device form.




For an example of this in use, please visit the Devices page.

Edit the page to see the template text.