Template:MHK Instrument

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This is the MHK Instrument template. It is used to generate instrument pages in the MHK Instrumentation & Sensor Database

  • Name - Set by default to the wiki base page name
  • DeviceType - Set by default to Instrument
  • Abstract - A brief single sentence description of the instrument
  • Abbreviation - Common abbreviations or acronyms used for the instrument
  • Deployment - The deployment environment for the product (field or laboratory)
  • OperatingEnvironment - The operating environment of the product
  • MeasurementType -The type of measurement(s) recorded by the device
  • MeasurementAttribute -The sub-type of measurement type(s) recorded by the device
  • MeasurementAttributeOptional -An optional sub-type of measurement type(s) recorded by the device
  • Measurement -The measurement(s) recorded by the device
  • MeasurementOptional -An optional measurement(s) recorded by the device
  • MeasurementSpecification -Any properties associated with the measurement(s)
  • Sensor - Any sensors or other devices used by the instrument
  • Mounting - The instrument mounting type(s)
  • OperatingMode - The instrument operating mode(s)
  • Version - The product version(s)
  • CommProtocol - The communication standard used by the instrument
  • ExternalInput - Any external inputs associated with the instrument
  • PowerSupplyType - The type of power supply used by the instrument
  • PowerSpec - The power specification of the instrument
  • Organization - The product manufacturer
  • Website - The product webpage
  • Specpage - The product's specification page
  • SoftwarePage - The product's software page
  • Notes - Any applicable notes or considerations
  • Image - A URL of the device image


A number of important properties are set automatically from the page name. This template should only be used in connection with the MHK Instrument form.


Form:MHK Instrument


For an example of this in use, please visit the SmartGuard page.

Edit the page to see the template text.