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This is the "InfoBox" template.

You can set the following attributes to control the box as necessary:

  • Required attributes
    • cols: number of columns wide (range from 1-12)
    • content: infobox content
  • Optional attributes
    • title: add a title to the infobox
    • offset: number of columns to offset this box (range from 1-11)
    • bg: background color (default is bg-white) - choose from nobg bg-white bg-green bg-grey bg-orange bg-pink bg-red bg-purple bg-purple-grey
    • border: border color - specify hex-value color (ex. FF6464) or 'none' for no border
    • shadow: box shadow: specify if you want a drop shadow behind the box

Note: cols and offset should add up to no more than 12 before adding a new row

Here's an example of how to implement the InfoBox template:

|title=infobox title
|content=put your content here!

Edit the page to see the template text.

This will generate the following:

Hipster Ipsum

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