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This is the GeothermalRegion template. To define a new Geothermal Region, please use the Geothermal Region form.

  • Map - The map of the region.
  • State - The state in which the resource area is located.
  • Country - The country(ies) in which the resource area is located.
  • Area - The estimated size of the area in which the resource area is located, in km².
  • IdentifiedHydrothermalPotential - The identified hydrothermal electricity generation potential in megawatts, from the USGS resource estimate.
  • UndiscoveredHydrothermalPotential - The estimated undiscovered hydroelectric generation potential in megawatts from the USGS resource estimate.
  • PlannedCapacity - The total planned capacity for the region in megawatts.
  • Number of Plants Included in Planned Estimate - The number of plants included in the capacity estimate of the resource area.
  • Plants with Unknown Planned Capacity - The number of plants with unknown capacity in the resource area.
  • Description - A general description of the region.



It should be invoked using the corresponding form.


For an example of this template in use, please see one of the existing Geothermal Regions.