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This is the 'FlexiBlock' template. This allows content to be placed inside a block like the blocks on the frontpage of OpenEI.

  • class - See below for class options; at least "box" or "nobox" is required
  • content - Wiki content, can include divs/spans
  • comment - Block HTML comment, not shown to user but visible in HTML source code
  • title - Title of block; leave title blank to remove title header

Available classes:

  • Include a bounding box? box nobox
  • Height: minheight quarterheight thirdheight halfheight (normal height is 352px)
  • Width: doublewide (654px wide instead of 314px)
  • Background: nobg bg-green bg-grey bg-orange bg-pink bg-red bg-purple bg-purple-grey
  • Custom:
    • custom-flite-widget (helps format FLITE widgets with proper headers)
    • component-not-for-mobile (don't show for mobile devices)
    • component-requires-flash (only show if device is flash-enabled; use with )

It should be called in the following format:


Example title

Wind turbine on a field of grass
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