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This is the Event template. It is used to generate Category:Events all over the wiki. To add an event, use Form:Event.


  • Name - Set by default to the wiki base page name
  • Description - Description of the event and any supplemental information
  • Date - Date of the event. (Starting date if event spans multiple days.)
  • EndDate - Optional end date for events that span multiple days
  • Time - Time of the event. (Starting time.)
  • ProjectCapacityMW - Project capacity in MW
  • Location - Location of the event. Typically a place (e.g. "Golden, CO")
  • Organizer - The primary organization responsible for organizing the event.
  • IsPrimreEvent - Boolean to include the event in the list of events on the PRIMRE homepage.
  • Website - URL link to the events website.


The name of the event is set automatically from the page name. To "rename" an event, move the event's wiki page. If no website is provided, the PRIMRE Events page will link to the event's wiki page instead.


For an example of this in use, please visit the PRIMRE Events page.

Edit the page to see the template text.