Template:Distributed Generation Study

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This is the "Distributed Generation Study" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{Distributed Generation Study
|Site Description=
|Study Type=
|Prime Mover=
|Heat Recovery Systems=
|System Installer=
|System Enclosure=
|System Application=
|Number of Prime Movers=
|Stand-alone Capability=
|Power Rating=
|Nominal Voltage=
|Heat Recovery Rating=
|Cooling Capacity=
|Origin of Controller=
|Component Integration=
|Start Date=
|Monitoring Termination Date=
|Primary Power Application=
|Secondary Power Application=
|Primary Heat/Cooling Application=
|Secondary Heat/Cooling Application=
|Capacity Factor=
|Electrical Efficiency (HHV)=
|Electrical Efficiency (LHV)=
|Highest Combustion Intake Air Temperature=
|Lowest Combustion Intake Air Temperature=
|NOx Emissions Data Available=
|CO Emissions Data Available=
|12-Month Run Hours=
|12-Month Energy Savings=
|System Cost=
|Report URL=
|Study Verified=

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