Template:Cite web

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This template is for citing online sources for Open Energy Information content. It is an important part of the OpenEI:Verifiability content policy. It should be used with the <ref> tag for providing references when creating content on the site.

The only parameters that are required are title and url.

Paramaters include:

  • title - the title of the online source
  • url - the URL for the source
  • author - the author of the work
  • date - the date of publication
  • work - if the source is part of a larger work such as a periodical, book, or website

title and url are required

For example:

* {{cite web
|title=Carbon Offset Kiosks Help Air Travelers Ditch Guilt
|author=Rori Gallagher
|date=2009 September 29

For example:

* {{cite web|title=About NREL|url=http://www.nrel.gov/about/}}

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