Template:CSC Team

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This is the CSC Team template. It is designed for use by Geothermal Case Study Challenge Teams.

  • TeamName - The title or name of the team.
  • School - The name of the school or university the team attends.
  • Prof - The team's professor or instructor.
  • ProfEmail - The email for the above professor.
  • Term - The year or term the team is participating in. Example: Fall 2015
Subobject Parameters

The team template/form architecture also uses Template:Student. Multiple students can be added to the team. Student parameters are set as subobjects of the team page.

  • StudentName - The name of the student.
  • StudentEmail - The email of the student.
  • TeamLeader - Identifies if the student is the team leader.


It should be invoked using a parent form.