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This is the 'CETSI' template. It is designed for use by CETSI Resources. It is not intended for any other use.

  • name - The name or title of the resource.
  • date - The date associated with the resource. Helpful hints:
    • Where only a month is provided, use the last day of the month.
    • Where a date range is provided, use the last day of the date range.
  • type - The type of resource.
    • Example: Case Study or Lessons Learned/Best Practices
  • community - The name of the community, city and/or state associated with the resource.
  • communityType - The type of community.
    • Example: County,City or Utility.
  • communityPopulation - The size of the community referenced above.
  • developer - The author or organization responsible for the creation of the resource.
  • collaborator - Any additional organizations involved in the creation of the resource.
  • url - The url associated with the resource.
  • license - The license or availability of the resource,
    • Example: Free or Publicly Available
  • overview - A brief description of the resource.
  • highlights - A brief statement or list of resource highlights.
  • steps - A coma delimited list of steps in wiki syntax.
    • Example: Step One,#Step Two,#Step Three
  • sector - The sector(s) associated with the resource, in a coma delimited list.
    • Example: Energy,Land
  • baseline - The energy or emissions baseline for the resource. (Optional, default 'N/A')
  • goal - The goal of the resource. (Optional, default 'N/A')
  • results - A brief description or list of the results of the resource. (Optional, default 'N/A')
  • focusareas - A coma delimited list of focus areas.
    • Example: Buildings,Energy Efficiency
  • topics - A coma delimited list of topics addressed by the resource.
    • Example: ground source heat pumps, wind
  • publicationDate - The date the resource was first published.
  • metrics - Environmental aspects and performance metrics associated with the resource.
  • relatedTools - A brief description of the resource's relationship to tools.

It should be called in the following format:


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