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This is the 'BLM_Lease' template. To present BLM Leases related to Geothermal Resource Areas, please use the BLM Lease Form.

Location Information
  • GeothermalArea - Geothermal Resource Area (category=Geothermal_Resource_Areas)
  • Meridian - Longitude line from which the PLSS is measured (number)
  • State - State within the Geothermal Area (pages)
  • Township - For example: T3N (string)
  • Range - For example: R34W (string)
  • Section - For example: 26 (number)
  • Aliquot - For example: SW1/4 or all (string)
  • SurveyType - For example: Unsurveyed - uprotracted, Aliquot Part (40 Acres) (string)
Lease Data
  • LeaseStatus - Status of lease at most recent import from LR2000 (BLM_LeaseStatus)
  • LeaseType - Type of lease (category=BLM_Lease_Types)
  • TotalAcreage - Total acreage of the lease (number)
  • Price - Price paid for competitive lease ($/acre) (quantity)
  • ManagingFieldOffice - Name of the lead agency managing office (District Office for BLM, Field Office for USFS (category=Organizations)
  • SurfaceManager - Organization(s) that is managing surface development activity (category=Organizations)
  • Lessee1 - Majority interest owner in lease (category=Organizations)
  • Lessee1Ownership - Percent ownership of the majority interest owner (number)
  • Lessee2 - Second most interest owner in lease (category=Organizations)
  • Lessee2Ownership - Percent ownership of the second most, interest owner (number)
  • EffectiveDate - Date the lease was issued (date)
  • ExpireDate - Date the lease expires (date)
  • HBP - If the lease is producing, the lease is said to be "held by production" and there is no lease expiration so long as it continues to produce (checkbox)
  • RoyaltyRate - What the lease holder pays to the federal government on production (number)
  • Activity - Most recent activity on lease (for a list of all activities, see the Seriel Register Page) (string)
  • ActivityDate - Date activity was logged (date)


It should be called in the following format:


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