Teleseismic-Seismic Monitoring At Dixie Valley Geothermal Area (Iovenitti, Et Al., 2013)

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Exploration Activity: Teleseismic-Seismic Monitoring At Dixie Valley Geothermal Area (Iovenitti, Et Al., 2013)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Dixie Valley Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Teleseismic-Seismic Monitoring
Activity Date 2012 - ongoing
The date "ongoing" was not understood.
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
the purpose of this project was to gain new geophysical data in order to add onto existing data and develop a better understanding of the geothermal area. Ultimately for potential development of EGS. Dixie Valley is being used as a calibration site for future techniques geared toward locating EGS drill sites.
A new seismic analysis technique which used complementary information from regional tomographic data was done in Dixie Valley. The method utilizes regional date for P, S, and surface waves, the system is also statistically integrated with seismic velocity models derived from ambient noise. A seismic array with 21 three-component broadband sensors was set up. The array had an overall aperture of 45 km and was set up for two sessions each lasting three months. The objective was to estimate high resolution seismic velocity models using new and baseline information then to predict temperature and rock type in order to identify potential drilling targets for EGS using Dixie Valley as a calibration site. The work on this project was ongoing at the time of this conference paper.


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