Teleseismic-Seismic Monitoring At Coso Geothermal Area (2011-2012)

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Exploration Activity: Teleseismic-Seismic Monitoring At Coso Geothermal Area (2011-2012)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Coso Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Teleseismic-Seismic Monitoring
Activity Date 2011 - 2012
Usefulness not indicated
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
Map hydraulic structure within the field from seismic data
2011: 16 years of seismicity were analyzed to improve hypocentral locations and simultaneously invert for the seismic velocity structure within the Coso Geothermal Field (CGF). The CGF has been continuously operated since the 1980's. 2012: 14 years of seismicity in the Coso Geothermal Field were relocated using differential travel times and simultaneously invert for seismic velocities to improve our knowledge of the subsurface geologic and hydrologic structure. Over 60,000 micro-seismic events were utilized using waveform cross-correlation to augment the expansive catalog of Pand S-wave differential arrival times recorded at Coso. Rigorous uncertainty estimation was carried out and found that the results are precise to within 10s of meters of relative location error.

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